Wind Across the Sea - Live at Yoga Thailand CD

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Wind Across the Sea CD - Jack Harrison Live at Yoga Thailand

Yoga and music come together in this compilation of Sanskrit chants and devotional songs arranged and produced by Irish folklorist and musician Jack Harrison. Recorded at Yoga Thailand in 2007, with guest participants from all over the world, Wind Across the Sea is a celebration of three great traditions--the yogic heritage of India and Her chants, the music of Ireland, and Buddhist meditation practices of Thailand--all of which have elements remarkably close to each other.

With popular chants close to the hearts of thousands of yoga practitioners all over the world, this CD is a musical journey that will transport you like wind across the sea.


1. Vakratunda
2. Wind Across the Sea
- Bhramari
- Song of Aimhirghin / Gayatri Mantra
- Om Mane Padme Hum
3. Om Namah Sivaya Gurave
4. Rama Bolo
5. Gurur Brahma
6. Sita Ram
7. Vande Gurunam
8. Tibetan Bowls
9. Sarvesham