Awaken Your Life Force and Quiet Your Mind CD - Michael Gannon

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Take back control of your rampant mind (and life) by taking control of your breath! This 30-day breathing program, guided by yoga teacher Michael Gannon, will take you on a physical and mental journey for 20 minutes per day. With this simple, yet powerful daily practice, you will create a heightened sense of the life force energy that is the very essence of your being. Enhance your health, increase your energy, elevate your yoga practice and experience true relaxation.

Includes: Pranayama philosophy, 4 different breathing exercises, progressive 30-day format, safe and simple 20-minute daily practice and guided relaxation.

Length: 79 minutes


01 Introduction 6:29
02 Key Components of Pranayama 7:21
03 Sama Vritti Overview 3:43
04 Sama Vritti Practice Track 12:30
05 First Prananyama Overview 2:34
06 First Pranayama Practice Track 12:38
07 Second Pranayama Overview 1:27
08 Second Pranayama Practice Track 10:55
09 Combined Pranayama Practice Track 17:51
10 Guided Relaxation 3:52